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Why to use Figma for design?

Introduction to Figma

The journey to Figma

The era of internet

How HTML and CSS make a website

How HTML, CSS and Javascript make a website

What is the problem doing this way?

Difficulties doing this way

The solution to this problem

The solution, a platform to do the design

Figma as a tool

Others tools like Figma

Why to use Figma?

Why do you need to learn Figma?

Why to learn Figma?

Excited to learn Figma?

Setting up Figma in your desktop

Figma homepage overview

Figma Layout overview

Figma layout overview when element selected

Lets make a Figma Screen

Taking one step at a time

Designing a screen

At the end, you will be having a screen like this

What is the problem doing this way?

Reusability of components

What is components?

Lets try making a button with a component

Redesigning a screen with a component

We have redesigned a screen with a component

Now what to be done?

Developers mode in Figma

Practicality with Figma and Android Studio

Putting your code into an IDE platform

You have successfully designed and developed a screen


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