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What is a UI kit and how to use it to make amazing UI designs

A UI kit is a tool to help designers improve their design workflow. This is used to make website and app design making designers work a whole lot easier. This also speeds up the workflow without building different elements from scratch.

UI kits, also referred to as User Interface kits, is a collection of pre-made user interface components for both website and mobile projects. They are made with different color, style options allowing designers to create their own user interfaces and maintain brand consistency throughout the application. The designer can simply drag and drop these pre-made elements while making the screens.

The above is one small part of a UI kit where we are defining how the buttons should look while in different stages. Once we define an element, for example a button, it should be consistent throughout our design. This means we should not see and green buttons, if we have defined buttons in blue color, like the above example.

A Perfects UI Kit will have the following:

1. Colors Defined


2. Buttons

3. Icons

4. Typography


5. Grid system

6. Divider

7. Page Layout

8. Spacers


9. Breadcrumb

10. Dropdown

11. Menu

12. Page Header

13. Pagination

14. Steps

Data Entry

15. AutoComplete

16. Cascader

17. Checkbox

18. Date Picker

19. Form

20. Input box

21. Input Number

22. Radio button

23. Rate

24. Select

25. Slider

26. Switch

27. Time Picker

28. Transfer

29. Tree Select

30. Upload

Data Display

31. Badge

32. Avatar

33. Calendar

34. Card

35. Carousel

36. Collapse

37. Comment

38. Descriptions

39. Empty state

40. Image frames

41. List

42. Popover

43. Segmented

44. Statistic

45. Table

46. Tabs

47. Tag

48. Timeline

49. Tooltip

50. Tree


51. Alert

52. Drawer

53. Message

54. Modal

55. Notification

56. Pop confirmation

57. Progress

58. Result

59. Skeleton


60. Anchor

Although this is the perfect list, it is not necessary a UI will have all these elements defined. It all depends on the purpose and need of the website your designing.

UI Kit Types

  • According to price. You can find a free UI kit which you can download through figma or through browsers. And you can find paid versions of the UI kit as well.

  • According to projects: You can find web-based UI kit, mobile based UI kit, android UI kit and IOS UI kit.

  • Tools to build the UI Kit: There are Adobe XD UI kits, Sketch UI kits, Figma UI kits and others.

  • According to different design styles: flat UI kits, minimalistic UI kits, modern UI kits, etc.

What are the differences between a UI kit and a design system kit?

A UI kit is a set of ready-to-use components, layouts, and templates that designers can directly use or even copy and paste into their designs for creating better products. It's like a fast tool that can help you speed up the entire design workflow process.

A design system kit is a series of design guidelines that can help designers design a component, logo or interaction for consistency across products and companies, even without direct communication. It's like a style guide book to help teams work more effectively.

In other words, it not only provides users with ready-to-use components but also explains how they can use these components in different situations and scenarios for keeping all products consistent. It is much more than a UI kit.

Some examples of UI Kit:

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